How Much Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost?

Nature does not offer everyone equally: one - generously, the other - not too much. Women often do not like their small breast size and the main complex of men is the size of their dignity. The man who says he has never compared his penis to others will be slow. And statistics say that about 80% of men are dissatisfied with the length of their penis.

Modern medicine has learned to correct human imperfections with the help of plastic surgery. Today, almost everything can change, the male member is no exception. How is penile surgery progressed, how effective is it and when are the indications for it?

Correction methods

Men have paid more attention to the length of the penis since antiquity. The phallus was raised in worship and its enlargement was performed using a ceremony ceremony. The boys who entered adolescence were hung with weights from their penises. Some have worn them all their lives. The effectiveness and safety of this method is debatable. The one-member resizing function now belongs to the private category.

For reference!In total, there are 3 methods of length correction: surgical, non-surgical, combined.


The main and universal way to change the size of the penis is linatotomy. For the first time, this cosmetic surgery was performed by a Chinese scientist in 1990 and was further improved and spread around the world. The beginning of the operation is the cutting of the ligament that suspends the penis. She is the one who anatomically holds the penis inside the man's body.

The surgery is performed under general and local anesthesia and usually lasts no more than an hour. The recovery period lasts 2-3 weeks, during which the patient is advised to wear an extension to consolidate the result. The operation allows you to change the size by 3-5 cm without affecting the vessels, muscles and veins that are responsible for the erection.

Great!There are many options for performing the function, depending on the type of access: suprapubic, transscrotal, subcoronary.


Most of the surgeries (90 out of 100 cases) are performed to increase the length of the penis and 10 - for volume or thickness. How does the penis get thicker?

After penis enlargement surgery, you should wear an extension
  1. The fat is collected from the thighs or abdomen using a special needle.
  2. The resulting material is then treated, removing the fat-free tissue.
  3. Some experts put the penis in a state of artificial erection, which ensures a uniform distribution of material throughout the organ. Lipofilling is performed under local anesthesia.
  4. A small incision is made in the penis. Using a needle or special injector, the fat is slowly injected under the skin. The surgeon helps to distribute the material properly so that the penis swells evenly.

The effect of fat filling is felt immediately after its completion: the penis grows in the periphery by about 30%.This surgical method has many advantages over others: it is safer, the patient's cells are used and the recovery takes place in a short time. However, after a while, the procedure should be repeated, as the result is short-lived.


Falloprosthetics is recommended for men who have erection problems as well as congenital genital abnormalities.

Penis with hydraulic prosthesis

During the operation, special prostheses are inserted into the cavernous bodies of the penis, which are of different types:

  • One-piece plastic prostheses.
  • Two-piece inflatable prostheses.
  • Three pieces of additions.

Dentures are elastic (rigid) and hydraulic.Elastic prostheses are more affordable. Penile erection occurs due to directed effort, but the constant semi-upright position of the penis can cause discomfort to the man. Inflatable or hydraulic prostheses are more technological, allowing the penis to be in a calm and upright position. All types of implants allow the penis to return to the correct shape.

The prosthesis implantation operation is performed under general anesthesia and lasts about 1. 5-2 hours. After the operation, there is no risk of the organ returning to its previous size. Disadvantages of falloprosthetics include:

  • High risk of denture rejection,
  • Fibrous tissue formation around the prosthesis,
  • Possible reduction in length by 1-2 cm.

Microsurgical muscle transplantation

It is possible to increase the size of the penis with a skin and fat transplant. The material (fat-containing skin) is taken from the gluteal area and sewn around the trunk.

Man after penis enlargement

With the help of microsurgical muscle transplantation, it is possible to enlarge the penis by 3-4 cm. But such surgery is considered one of the most difficult and expensive. The patient is under general anesthesia for more than 3 hours and the recovery period is long.

Indications and contraindications for surgery

Not all men are happy with the size of their penis. Some people, on this basis, experience penile dysphobia, caused by ideological thoughts that something is wrong with the penis. Mental disorder causes a man to lack self-confidence, which affects his communication with women and behavior in society. Most of the time, these fears are unfounded.

For reference!The average penis size in an adult male is 9, 5 or larger in length, the small penis is discussed when the penis size is less than 9, 5 cm. If the size of the penis in the extended state is not more than 3 cm, then it is called micropenis.

If the genitals are functioning properly and satisfying the man and the woman, then there is no need for surgery.The operation can be performed for cosmetic and surgical purposes. The first group of functions is the most common. Penile plastic surgery is necessary:

  • with reduced or no power.
  • with congenital abnormalities in penile development, curvature and deformity, as well as as a result of diseases.
  • with hypertrophy of cartilage and cavernous bodies of the penis.
  • due to dissatisfaction with the size, both very small and large.
  • when the patient decides to change gender
  • with injuries and injuries to the penis.

Most of the patients who visit the surgeon are mature men who deliberately go under the knife to adjust the size of their dignity.


Penis enlargement surgery, like other surgeries, can lead to complications. Modern medical technologies make it possible to reduce their number. Most of the time, the unpleasant consequences occur due to the unprofessionalism of the doctor.

Surgical penis enlargement performed by a surgeon

A failed operation could result in:

  • decreased penile sensitivity and impotence,
  • change in normal erection angle,
  • scars,
  • contamination,
  • reduction in the length of the penis due to the increase of the engraved tissue in the pelvic floor, as a result of which some of it may be inside;
  • pain when urinating or erections,
  • discomfort during sex.

The reported complications occur during the first year after an unsuccessful operation and are the reason for repeated medical intervention.

The result of the process

Procedure Result Long-term result
Ligentotomy The penis is elongated by 3-5 cm. With a successful operation, the result is stable throughout life.
Philoprosthetic The penis remains the same size, lengthens up to 3 cm or shrinks depending on the purpose of the operation. The result is long term.
Liposuction Using the function
the volume of the penis increases to a maximum of 2 cm.
Over time, the effect may disappear.
Microsurgical muscle transplantation The penis swells to a maximum of 3-4 cm. The result is long term.
Surgical head extension The volume of the head increases to a maximum of 1 cm. The effect is long-term, but the process of raising the head is fraught with dangerous complications.

Service fee

You can find out where penile enlargement surgery is done, and how much it costs, on the websites of plastic surgery clinics. Such surgeries are performed all over the world. How much does a ligamentotomy cost? This procedure will cost a man from $ 300 to $ 1, 000. The cost of liposuction is 1-2 thousand dollars. A man who decides to undergo microsurgery will have to pay around 2. 2, 500-4. $ 000, and for the phallus prosthesis - from $ 15, 000, depending on the prosthesis.

Penis enlargement surgical procedure

Due to the high prices, penis enlargement surgery is not available to everyone.A man who has agreed to penis enlargement must properly correlate not only his financial but also his physical and psychological abilities.Rehabilitation can take a long time, during which you must follow your doctor's instructions, including avoiding sexual intercourse.

For reference!Surgery is prohibited for young men under 18 years of age. with poor blood clotting. patients with urogenital infection. patients suffering from mental disorders.

How to enlarge the penis without surgery?

Before agreeing to surgery, men try to increase their dignity in a non-surgical way. There are tools that can help them with this:

The vacuum pump is a non-surgical way to increase penis size
  • Extension- a device used not only to correct the size, but also to eliminate a cosmetic defect, for example, with a convex penis. Under the influence of continuous exercise (at least 8 hours a day for 3 months or more), the penis can grow by 2-3 cm. This method is considered the most popular due to its effectiveness and the absence of side effects.
  • Suspension of loads.Let this way of dealing with what is determined by nature remain in the past.
  • vacuum pumpor a vacuum pump helps increase the penis in length and thickness. But the changes are temporary, so it is recommended to use it immediately before sexual intercourse.
  • Medicines, dietary supplements, gels and lubricantsnot the most effective way to enlarge your penis. Some preparations contain special vitamins that help enhance men's health. They improve erectile function, help prolong sexual intercourse, but no more.

Before taking one of these "gadgets" or extremely powerful vitamins, try to enlarge your body with massage or the ancient jelqing technique. A specially designed set of exercises aims to change the length of the penis and improve its functionality. If none of the above methods has brought the desired result and the need for penis enlargement has not disappeared over time, then plastic penis surgery will help solve the problem.